Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

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Network Video Recorder (NVR) : S$688.00

Brand : Certis Cisco NVR, support 6ch IP POE cameras with 6 RJ45 sockets, 2 harddisks slot up to 12TB. Onvif protocol, Solid PCB and casing. (while stock last)

NVR made specifically for CCTV Security Surveillance System applications record video signals from IP cameras. The information, once captured, can be stored and able to be viewed locally and remotely worldwide by all Smart Phone and Ipad.

Why there’s many “1080P” NVRs with different costing?

The two most common issues with IP camera systems are:
1. low processing-power NVRs that cannot handle full 1080p on every channel and
2. low processing-power cameras that have to send highly compressed video footage. This guide deals with the first problem.

Some lower quality NVRs are able to do a certain amount of channels in 1080p, maybe a few more if you use 720p, and then the rest need to be at D1 resolution. A common example is a 16 channel NVR that can do 4 1080p channels, 8 at 720P, or 16 at D1.

Why can an NVR record more cameras at a higher resolution and framerate, anyways?

How many cameras can be recorded by a NVR is not controlled by the number of camera connections. It is controlled by the bitrate.

The reason could not record at 1080P when more cameras are connected is due to the NVR having a low overall bitrate (incoming bandwidth capacity) of the processor.

An average 1080p camera will use about 5Mbps for 30FPS video, but many NVRs only allow about 2Mbps per camera. Unlike the rest of the industry, our NVRs are built with the latest processors and can do the full 5Mbps per camera.

For example, our 16 channel Networker Pro NVR is rated at a total of 80Mb (5Mbps per camera * 16 cameras = 80Mbps), a lot of lost quality are 32Mb and lower.

ChoiceCycle is offering wide range of reliable, affordable CCTV System Singapore,

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The company that started small in 2003 has grown to be a leader in the field in the whole of Singapore. Appreciating their impeccable commitment towards their clients,

Certis Cisco appointed Choicecycle as the distributors of their security equipment six years ago.

Now, ChoiceCycle has expanded its operations and services to Indonesia Jakarta and Malaysia and are on the right track to become a regional leader also.

NVR, Choicecycle CCTV Pte Ltd.


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NVR Certis Cisco Choicecycle Dahua IP POE camera

NVR Certis Cisco Choicecycle Dahua IP POE camera