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You can install a camera to check all angles of a home. It always keeps you fear free and you don’t need to worry after that. It helps to become your place safe and you can maintain eye on everything.

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Bullet Type Cameras:

No, are not used to fire bullets at intruders. These cameras are one of the most affordable types of surveillance cameras. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and are the most suitable for indoor use but can also be used for outdoor purposes as well. The thin and cylindrical shape of the camera is fixed using a mounting arm and can be easily seen by the intruders.

Since, the unit does not offer any remote movement; the users have to manually adjust them to receive the coverage they desire. However, some of the models come with built-in zoom or pan-tilt features.

Dome cameras:

The round-shaped security camera is often seen at supermarkets and malls. They are available in black, clear, smoked and mirrored surface and can be easily mounted to ceiling tiles. The dome cameras are easily visible which can be advantageous since the people (especially at shops) are aware that they are being watched.

Outdoor Cameras:

As the name suggests, these cameras are the perfect choice for outdoor use. They are usually waterproof and have the ability to withstand harsh weather, insects, dusts, and other elements.

Day/night cameras:

These cameras compensate the varying light conditions and allow the camera to capture images in all circumstances. They are often used outdoors especially in parking areas due to their ability to function even in the direct sunlight, glare, and strong backlight.

IP cameras:

Available in both – wireless and wired cameras, the IP cameras transmit images over the internet. They are easy to install because they don’t require the use of wires and cables.  The images and video captured through the IP cameras are transmitted sing a computer network and internet.

How much does it cost in Singapore?

However, we at Choice Cycle can help you select the most appropriate camera based on your requirements. We carry a wide range of cameras that are suitable for all types of homes and businesses.

Surveillance Camera Singapore.


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