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犹太商道- Jewish Business– A Business Opportunity– You Just Can’t Miss

The top 10 richest Jewish people in the world for 2018

1. Mark Zuckerberg – Net worth: $73.2 billion

2. Larry Ellison – Net worth: $60.6 billion

3. Michael Bloomberg – Net worth: $ 53.4 billion

4. Larry Page – Net worth: $47 billion

5. Sergey Brin – Net worth: $46.1 billion

6. Sheldon Adelson – Net worth: $34.8 billion

7. Steven Ballmer – Net worth: $34.7 billion

8. George Soros – Net worth: $ 23.9 billion

9. Michael Dell – Net worth: $23.8 billion

10. Mikhail Fridman – Net worth: $15.2 billion

Please keep in mind that these people’s wealth moves huge amounts every day, often linked to the overall value of their companies on the stock market.

Mark Zuckerberg is currently the richest Jewish person on the planet due to his ownership of Facebook.

With each people we include an estimate of their net worth along with how they made the majority of their wealth.

Here’s a secret: Jewish entrepreneurs are taking over the world.

Most of us don’t know much about the Israeli business world. Unfortunately, we only know about the political scene.

But not paying attention to Israel business is HUGE missed learning opportunity. Having recently spent a month in Israel, I learn first-hand the secrets of entrepreneurs in Israel.

In many ways, these entrepreneurs are well ahead of the U.S. How does Israel produce such amazing businesses and entrepreneurs?

In Israel, there are some VERY big differences with how business works.

Today, I’m going to share the 10 biggest lessons from Israeli and Jewish entrepreneurs and businesses.

You can use these lessons in your own business and career to be more successful.




随着倒闭潮悄然而至,接踵而至的倒闭数据,无疑让中小企业心慌意乱; 若要不被淘汰,学习则是最好的途径。

然而市场上培训机构多如牛毛,让人无从下手。 既然如此,为什么不向将“资本运作”用得出神入化的犹太人学习?

即使经济危机,犹太人依旧稳赚不赔; 全球不到2000万的犹太人,却能够整合世界的资源。


这些叱咤风云的商人都是犹太人 美国流行一句话,全世界的钱袋在美国,而美国的钱袋在犹太人口袋中。

五个犹太财团坐在一起,便能控制整个人类的黄金市场。 犹太人是如何成为商业社会的主宰?他们用什么方法缔造一个又一个金融帝国?

他们赚取财富的过程能给中国企业家带来哪些启示呢? 也许你知道犹太经商之术,但知道犹太经商之道吗? 有术无道,无以传承;以道驭术,以术成天下!

Wish to learn more of  Jewish Business Secrets? 
Call / Whatsapp Candy +65 90088960 , Eric +65 90254466





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