HIK DIY Package for 5 HD Camera

  • HD 1080 DVR with HDMI Output
  • Latest 2018 Chipset for both DVR & Camera
  • H.265 Encoding HEVC
  • Central Storage Based Recording
  • Enhanced Infrared Night Vision
  • Motion Detection enabled
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Hikvision for 5 HD Camera

HD 1080 DVR with HDMI Output

Latest 2018 Chipset for both DVR & Camera

H.265 Encoding HEVC

Central Storage Based Recording

Enhanced Infrared Night Vision

Motion Detection enabled

Free Handphone/Tablet App for mobile viewing anywhere/anytime (No recurring fees either)

Playback Recordings in HD Clarity on your Mobile/Tablet

24/7 Surveillance for your peace of mind

Hikvision for 5 HD Camera

Hikvision IP camera Wireless camera

Make yourself more secure with CCTV cameras at your place

Everyone living in Singapore understands the importance of CCTV AND SPY CAMERA SINGAPORE AT SIM LIM SQUARE. We know how much it is difficult to live alone when you hear about crime and robbery. We all have tension and fear that one day we also become victim. You need to know techniques and ideas which makes you safe. People who live alone and want to be safe than they have to use CCTV camera. You need to install a camera at your place. You can check all places from thief can enter. It always keeps you fear free and you don’t need to worry after that. People are enjoying their life with CCTV camera. It becomes very necessary to have CCTV camera. Almost all people have cameras at their place nowadays. It helps to become your place safe and you can maintain eye on everything.

Installation service for CCTV camera Singapore:

First of all, people always have to wait for installation of CCTV camera, due to all places are already booked and people have to wait for days. It is very annoying and people have to suffer from many difficulties. Everyone wants to have fast service so they start enjoying service. We are best for this because we never let you wait, we help you to get best services from us. We send our expert at your place with CCTV camera. It is our responsibility to install camera at your place. You never have to wait because we are not like other companies. All companies provide on Cameras and they never give installation service. We know how much important is for people to get quick installation service. We provide you all these services on time. Always being early or on time, we never get late for work. So you have to get CCTV camera from our place.

Affordable services and CCTV Camera Singapore:

People who don’t have much money to spend on CCTV then they have to get our camera, providing CCTV cameras are very genuine prices. You will happy after knowing our quality and prices. We want everyone to live secure life. We don’t want people to live fearful life. With the increase in crimes, robberies and murder we want everyone to use CCTV Cameras. Being a security services provider, we want our city to be safe and crime free. We are providing such CCTV cameras are very affordable and reasonable prices. We also provide installations service. So you don’t have to spend much money on your camera system. People are very cheerful with us. Being satisfied from our services and are living a great life at their place. They now have no fear and worry. They are getting very healthy sleep because they don’t have any fear now.

CCTV camera Singapore system:

People who are using CCTV camera for first time and don’t know much about it have to get our advice. We provide you proper knowledge in which you can get all details about CCTV camera. We tell you how it works and what you should need to get great CCTTV experience. You need to get CCTV camera System Singapore. In this you will get CCTV camera and system to save recording data. Making sure to store data for future to check your previous recording is very important. It is also helpful when you had any theft or robbery. It helps to recognize people who did this. You will get effective results from it. You can choose camera according to your budget or need. People with large place have to get heavy cameras with having clear distance vision. It helps to clear things from different places.

Thousands of customers choosed us for CCTV camera Singapore:

We have thousands of customers there who are using our CCTV Cameras. They all have grand experience with us. They all know how much we are beneficial as CCTV camera provider. We know everything about it and we also know how to resolve any problem that you are facing. It is type of technology which people don’t have much knowledge about. Technology may create problem any time or may be any wrong command may create problem. Hence, we provide you experts for this. They will visit your place and help you in solving the problem. You don’t have to worry because it is our duty to provide you top quality services. We have many experienced and professionals who have good knowledge of their work. They all have years of work experience which allow them to provide any type of repair service. All our customers know our good side of work.

Why you should have to choose us?

People always confuse about that from where they have to get CCTV camera services. They don’t want to get service from wrong company. There are many people who face different types of problem with their cameras after choosing wrong company. Companies always forget their customers after selling their CCTV Camera, so customers have to suffer from this. People need to compare all these things before getting any type of service. Furthermore you need to know how old customers are feeling after getting CCTV camera from any company. You can check reviews and comments of people. There are many options and things which you can use to check the quality and prices. You also have to visit us where you can get proper details about us. You can experience that no one will complaint about our services. Nonetheless we are always quick to help our customer to their problem.

Always improving day by day:

When improving day by day. As a result, we learn from our old mistakes and always try to improve them in future. We always check that what is wrong in our services and our customers help us a lot certainly. They give us reviews about our services. They tell us about our good or bad. We try to satisfy our customers more. Because it makes us more useful company for you CCTV camera singapore. We always hear our customers properly. Similarly our customers are also happy with us. Furthermore, they are having very good time with us. We always want to be same as we are today. We never want to disappoint anyone. You can also be one of our customers by using our cameras. You can visit our website for more details and information about our services and products.

Specifications of HIK CCTV Camera Singapore DIY Package for 5 HD Camera
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Hikvision for 5 HD Camera

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