Wireless Wifi Panoramic Camera, Light, IP Camera

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Wireless Wifi Panoramic Camera, Light, IP Camera

Wireless Wifi Panoramic Camera, Light, IP Camera

keep an eye on your home for you however night or day.This product not only can security your room, but also can be used as a bulb,

Wireless cameras are also ideal for people renting homes or apartments.

Since there is no need to run video extension cables through walls or ceilings one does not need approval of a

landlord to install a wireless security camera system.

Longer lenses magnify the subject more, apparently compressing distance and (when focused on the foreground) blurring the background because of their shallower depth of field. Wider lenses tend to magnify distance between objects while allowing greater depth of field.

Another result of using a wide-angle lens is a greater apparent perspective distortion when the camera is not aligned perpendicularly to the subject: parallel lines converge at the same rate as with a normal lens, but converge more due to the wider total field.

Because different lenses generally require a different camera–subject distance to preserve the size of a subject, changing the angle of view can indirectly distort perspective, changing the apparent relative size of the subject and foreground.

Wireless IP Home Camera and Business in Singapore. Wireless CCTV Camera
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Wireless Wifi Panoramic Camera, Light, IP Camera

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