Wireless Alarm Kit, CC-7700, Alarm System, Home Security, Wire Alarm Kit

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Wireless Alarm Kit, CC-7700, Alarm System, Home Security, Wire Alarm Kit


The most alarm consists of one or more sensors to detect intruders, and an alerting device to indicate the intrusion.

  • The premises control unit (PCU), Alarm Control Panel (ACP), or simply panel: The “brain” of the system, it reads sensor inputs, tracks arm/disarm status, and signals intrusions. Come with a power supply.

  • Magnetic Sensors, Motion Detect Sensors, Vibration Sensor, Beam Sensor: Devices that detect intrusions.Sensors may be placed at the perimeter of the protected area, within it, or both. Sensors can detect intruders by a variety of methods, such as monitoring doors and windows for opening, or by monitoring unoccupied interiors for motions, sound, vibration, or other disturbances.

  • Siren, Alarm Box Alerting devices: These indicate an alarm condition. Most commonly, these are bells, sirens, and/or flashing lights. Alerting devices serve the dual purposes of warning occupants of intrusion and potentially scaring off burglars. These devices may also be used to warn occupants of a fire or smoke condition.

  • Remote Control, Keypads: Small devices, typically wall-mounted, which function as the human-machine interface to the system. In addition to buttons, keypads typically feature indicator lights, a small multi-character display, or both.

  • Door Access Control, Intercom, Interconnections between components. This may consist of direct wiring to the control unit or wireless links with local power supplies.

  • Flood Lights, CCTV, Security devices: Devices to detect thieves such as spotlights, cameras & lasers.



*DIY Installation
*Built-in strobe light and siren
*Connect max.40pcs.wireless sensors
*Mute Arm/Disarm

* 100% wireless configuration, an installation by DIY

* Convenient operation by remote control

* Built-in 1,000,000 RF codes combination maintains high reliability

* Built-in strobe light and high-loudness siren

* Simple accessory expansion by automatic recoding

* Connect max.40pcs.wireless sensors

* Late night mute remote control

* E2PROM information protection, power cut won’t cause damages to data

* Automatic switch between AC and DC ensures uninterrupted operation of the system


Panel x1

Remote Control x 1

Door / Window contact x1

PIR motion detector x1

Adapter x1

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Wireless Alarm Kit, CC-7700, Alarm System, Home Security, Wire Alarm Kit

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