Wire Alarm System CCA11

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Wire Alarm System CCA11

RFID Singapore

CCA11 PSTN/LCD/RFID Touch Alarm System

CCA11 is a PSTN alarm panel combined with RFID function and LCD display. Contrary to the traditional PSTN alarm system, it can connect to the electronic door lock with the wired interface. With RFID tag or card, you can easily disarm the system as well as unlock the door. The touch keypad is definitely a combination of modern, science and aesthetics. Using LCD display, you can check the system status anytime. Furthermore, you can track the events by scrolling up or down. With all these features, A11 is definitely the right choice for your lovely home

Touch keypad + LCD screen
Support 60 wireless sensors and 50 RFID tags
Store 6 alarm phone numbers and 2 CMS numbers
Support door lock
Exit & entry delay
Voice memo recordable• Remote monitoring by phone
Built-in siren and lithium battery backup
Tamper protection
With Contact ID, SIA 2000 protocols
Support for cards, tags and other 125KHz passive transponders• Panel(with battery backup and siren) x 1
Remote control x 2
RFID tag x 2
Door/window contact x 1
PIR motion detector x 1
Adapter x 1


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