Beam sensor

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Beam sensor

Description :
ABT-100 100m Sensor Alarm Dual Beam Photoelectric Infrared LED Detector
Features : Intelligent power transmission. Independent development of the chip enables automatic sensing of ambient changes.
The radio’s transmit power will be adjusted automatically according to the environmental conditions, which greatly extends the life of the launching tube, while lowering power consumption.
Cable, bus compatible, holographic spot real-time reporting.
Full-function diagnostics, environmental adaptive, fault lock.Digital Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence Identification : Using artificial intelligence fuzzy judgments, false positives to a minimum.
Patent coaxial dual focal length precision optical aspheric focusing lens.
Dedicated DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional fault-tolerant, real detection alarm technology.
Optical lens up and down while structural adjustments, to adjust faster and more accurately.
Professional CPU chips, strong anti-interference.
Specification :Alarm Distance :  100m
The number of light : Two
Detection Way : Interrupt two light beams at the same time
Light Source : Infrared LED
Response Speed : 50 – 700 msec
Alarm Output : Relay contact output : NO or NC; Contact Capacity : AC/DC30W 0.5Amax
Power Voltage : DC 12 – 24V   AC11 – 18V
Current Consumption : 70mA maxTemperature Consumption : -25 – 55 centigrade
Size : 16.8 * 8 * 7cm (one beam)
Tamper Output : Contact output : NC Contact capacity : DC24V 0.5Amax
Light adjusting angle (Horizontal) : 180 degree
Light adjusting angle (Vertical) : 20 degree
Deal With frost and fog : Ultrasonic wave implement
Other attached implement : Receiving light indicator, OK indicator, testing terminals
Material : PC

Package includes :  

1 x ABT-100 100m Sensor Alarm(includeds 1 transmitter and 1 receiver)

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