Certis Cisco Security , Box cam , Varifocal Len , Indoor cam , Bullet cam

$148.00 $288.00

Certis Cisco Security , Box cam , Varifocal Len , Indoor cam , Bullet cam

Certis Cisco VFD650 Special Offer

$148.00 each Minimum 5pcs
Retailing at $198.00 ~ $288.00 each.

CCTV Promotion Singapore Certis Cisco Varifocal Len Box Camera

· Sony 1/3” Super HAD CCD II

· 480TVL / 650TVL / 700TVL resolution

· Compact Fixed Dome Camera

· Auto Back Light Compensation (BLC)

· Auto W hite Balance (AW B)

· Automatically Gain Control (AGC)

· 3-Axis Inner Mount

· Extra degree viewing dome cover design

· Low power consumption

· Low heat on board to maximize camera durability

It is cost effective and is easy to maintain, the cameras are priced competitive amongst its class and also designed to be the lowest power consumers.

Hence, it is an advanced security and specialist outsourcing partner incorporating with the latest that is in operations technology.

Therefore, end-to-end capabilities to design, build, and operate bespoke multi-function, multi-site smart operations.

All in all it is a human-centred approach to providing optimal solutions to complex problems.

The signal is compressed 5:1, but DVD quality can be achieved with more compression (MPEG-2 is standard for DVD-video

and has a higher compression ratio than 5:1, with a slightly lower video quality than 5:1 at best, and is adjustable for the amount of space to

be taken up versus the quality of picture needed or desired). The highest picture quality of DVD is only slightly lower than the quality of basic 5:1-compression DV. Holiday uncompressed recordings may look fine but one could not run uncompressed quality recordings on a continuous basis.

Nevertheless, multi-megapixel IP-CCTV cameras are coming on the market. Still quite expensive, but they can capture video images at resolutions of 1, 2, 3, 5 and even up to 11 Mpix. Unlike with analogue cameras, details such as number plates are easily readable. Because of the much higher resolutions available with these types of cameras, they can be set up to cover a wide area where normally several analogue cameras would have been needed.

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Certis Cisco Security , Box cam , Varifocal Len , Indoor cam , Bullet cam


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