CCTV PCB Board from 700TVL to 12 Mega Pixel

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CCTV PCB Board from 700TVL to 12 Mega Pixel

Upgrading? Integrating existing CCTV into your Project?

We offer wide range of CCTV PCB board with Lens to meet your CCTV DVR and requirements.

Special Price for bulk out (minimum 100pcs ~500pcs)


D1 is square and sized like (non-widescreen) Standard Definition TV. It is sometimes also called 4CIF since it has 4 times that resolution. 960H is the minimum quality we carry.

960H recording has the same height as D1 DVRs but are wider at 960 Pixels. They are properly formatted for wide-screen TVs and monitors.

Since D1’s horizontal resolution is 720 x 480, you’re going to get the best bang for your buck from a 600 TVL camera or better (a 600 TVL camera has an effective resolution of 728 x 492).

Since 960H’s horizontal resolution is 960 x 480, you’re going to get the best results from a 700 TVL camera (a 700 TVL camera has an effective resolution of 976 x 582).

Standard Definition is quickly becoming legacy technology and HD is coming way down in price. Only the most budget conscious home users should go with a 960H system with 700 TVL or 720 TVL cameras.

For conventional video surveillance cameras, they are analog cameras which output analog TV signals. Accordingly, TV line is used to refer the image resolution that the camera can capture. The resolution of image mainly depend on equipped CCD/CMOS image sensor. Based on different CCD/CMOS image sensor, analog camera can deliver standard resolution video with 700TVL, 650TVL, 480TVL, 420TVL etc. Higher TV line means higher resolution. Now, network camera becomes the mainstream, network camera outputs digital signal, manufacturers use pixel to refer the image resolution, such as 0.3 megapixel, 1 megapixel, 1.3 megapixel, 2 megapixel, 3MP, 5MP, even 12MP ultra high definition. Higher pixel means better image quality and higher resolution.

A television line is a distinct vertical line, alternately black and white, which can theoretically be displayed on a video image from a camera or on a screen. So, 400 TVL would mean that 200 alternating dark and 200 light vertical lines can be captured/displayed by the camera/monitor. This explanation is complicated however, by the fact that the horizontal resolution is expressed in relation to vertical resolution, in effect showing what the horizontal resolution would have been if the TV were square. But TVs are not square, and nor are camera images, indeed they tend to be 4:3.

Respectively, as the video recording and storage devices, Digital video recorder also has different resolution to define its video compression capability such as QCIF, CIF, HD1, D1 (FCIF), 960H (WD1) etc. A typical analog video surveillance system mainly composes of several cameras and DVRs. To achieve required video surveillance quality, both cameras and DVRs should have the same resolution specification, or DVRs may support higher resolution recording capability.

Many clients will confuse between pixel and TV lines, recently we has been asked many questions about the conversion between pixel and TV Lines. If you are also feel confused about them, you can check the following table.

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