CCTV Installation Security System Singapore

CCTV Installation Security System Singapore

Security or CCTV cameras have become a necessity in almost all the places. It is installed in house to track and secure places and belongings, in banks, offices and lockers to for security, in market to figure out any indecent or threatening activity and so on. The purpose of security cameras is to trace the activity of the thief by recording the video of every activity during the day. This is later used as evidence for investigation and to report case against the culprits. Overall, a security camera is does not only provide physical security but also provides a mental peace and sense of security to the owners.

It is up to you to choose the best fit for your place as well as within your budget. Indoor cameras or dome cameras are less expensive options, whereas hi-tech, infrared with extra storage and day night modifications are expensive offerings in the market. For storage, you can either buy a DVR or connect it to your own computer, but you must have extra storage space. Video Analytics and Facial Recognition are another developing option but are a very high end and exclusive product. The price of your security system varies depending upon its features.

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